About TexasSno

The idea for TexasSno was born in the middle of the worst heatwave and drought Texas has seen in the last 100 years. Yes, the great drought of 2011 was good for something. Nan and Charles Scott, the original owners of TexasSno were determined to do their part to cool Katy, off.

In January 2017, Heather Cook became the new owner of Texas Sno with the objective of serving the Katy community New Orleans style snoballs. Most of the staff, including the former owner, came back to work with big smiles. Many New Orleans businesses consulted Texas Sno, including the owner of Rainbow Delites and Bayou Brothers Seafood. Texas Sno reopened on March 1, and became a big success. Texas Sno #1 location is nicknamed "Big Red". Within two weeks, Texas Sno opened location #2, lovingly called "Little Yellow".

Heather Cook is mom to three little boys and married to financial advisor, Nathan Cook. She was a former head cheerleader at The University of Texas. Her career as a pharmaceutical sales representative was successful and halted with the birth of her first son six years later. She has lived in Katy since 2006, and has pride in this community. Her favorite things to do are to lead women's bible studies at her church, exercise, go on family adventures, and play with neighbors! Texas Sno has become a huge part of her life and she loves it. What she loves most about Texas Sno are the people who work for her and the people who become customers and friends. #TeamTexasSno

  • We start out with filtered water to make our syrups.
  • We order our cream straight from New Orleans and use only the best New Orleans blades and machinery.
  • We use only the best concentrates straight from New Orleans.
  • Friendly service.