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Family owned and operated, Texas Sno is the destination for good times and great tasting New Orleans Style snoballs!

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Tell your friends and neighbors about Texas Sno! A snoball is NOT a snow cone, which is crunchy and doesn't hold syrup well. A snoball is made of finely shaved ice that is drenched in syrup and complemented with toppings like condensed milk or ice cream.

Try our seasonal favorites as well. Texas Sno brings a little taste of New Orleans to Katy, TX.

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Made using the old recipe!

World famous New Orleans Style snoballs are made using the old recipes with attention to detail. Less than 1 in 20 snoball stands still use the old method for making simple syrup. Snoballs so rich you can taste the difference!
What sets us apart is top notch personalized customer service in an atmosphere of southern hospitality. You will LOVE your snoball from Texas Sno - We guarantee it!

It's All About the Quality

  • We start out with filtered water to make our syrups and ice.
  • We order our cream straight from New Orleans and use only the best New Orleans blades and machinery.
  • Only the best concentrates straight from New Orleans.
  • The best, friendly service!
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The Snoball: World's oldest frozen treat

D uring the Roman Empire (27 B.C. to A.D. 395) snow was hauled from the mountain tops to the city. Syrup was added to make the world's first frozen dessert, the snoball.

The first manufactured snow was made by hand tools such as a wood plane. Such tools can shave a block of ice into fluffy snow. Hand held ice shavers were designed solely to produce snoballs. Ice shavers made by numerous manufacturers were available in the late eighteen hundreds.

In New Orleans, the snoball cooling tradition was popularized around the 1920's. As you can see, the snoball has a long and proud tradition. TexasSno is happy to be a part of that tradition and to be bringing it to the Katy community.